And I’m back!

Wow! I almost made the 1 year anniversary of NOT blogging. Yikes! Life has been pretty crazy this past year. I struggle with balancing being a wife, mom, homemaker, designer, and student. I read many other blogs during my absence here and I sit at my desk baffled as to how these folks do it. I’ve been struggling with whether or not I wanted to start blogging again. Constantly writing in my journal and scribbling ideas into my notebook yet not taking action. Now I’m planning on taking action!

While I was offline contemplating whether I wanted to blog or not I was trying to decide if I should try to build a brand and an audience and what not. I’ve now decided to blog for me. It’s been a really long time that I’ve held myself accountable to anything I felt at this time in my life I really need to start. I’m a Gemini and we don’t tend to finish things, I’m going to debunk that old tale!

I welcome you to the restart of my blogging journey. It will be about my life and the many this and thats (I know that isn’t a word) I experience. Join me. :-)

Motivation Monday: Choosing Happiness

Best Intentions

I had every intention of posting at least 4 good blog posts this month and I didn’t deliver. Life gets in the way and I deal with it offline instead of blogging about it. I guess I must learn. This week was a week of tests and trials for me. I gave myself some scholastic challenges since it was spring break. I was going to get caught up on my assignments and actually jump ahead on a couple of assignments.

Well that didn’t happen. I can’t say that, it sort of happened…Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday things fell apart because life got in the way and I had to help my mom move. Took longer than I had anticipated and now here we are Saturday and I have to play catch up! Ugh! I didn’t want to be scrambling around getting things done this weekend but looks like I’ll have to.

The bright spot of my week occurred last night. I was wasting utilizing my time on Pinterest when I came across a pin on purchasing photography equipment. I fell in love with this blog! Where have I been? Oh yeah buried under piles of homework assignments. I took an Alt Summit Class that Nicole taught and vowed I’d visit her blog but never did. Fast-forward to the wee hours of this morning… I got caught up reading post after post about her home renovation. That was my mini vacation during this spring break. Hey, you take them where you can get them!

Well I must bid you adieu for I must go and hand code a website for class. You see I was the crazy girl that thought, Oh yeah I can take on 16 credit hours in design school, while raising a kid and running a household. Famous last words…

Shame on Me!

It’s been over 3 months since I’ve posted anything. I promise to be around a lot more. School has been quite a whirlwind. I’m still in the thick of deadlines, projects, and tests. With that being said I’m working on new features and should have something fun listed next week! Stay tuned.

Motivation Monday: Start Doing